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Cultivating Capacities

Cultivating Capacities for Service

Cultivating Capacities, Inc. is a Colorado nonprofit organization that is born out of the desire to serve others and learn in a community of individuals who come from varied backgrounds and cultures. Promoting the conviction that mankind is one family through community building activities, educational workshops and spaces where individual and collective capacity is fostered with accompaniment, relfection and action. Activities that cultivate innate potential that empower residents to take charge of their own spiritual, social and intellectual capacities lay the foundation of how we can collectively contribute to the betterment of our neighborhood community. An education curriculum open to all, that enables individual and collective transformation through developing skills for serving others. 

This is an opportunity for community members from all backgrounds to come together with the purpose of developing skills and capacities that build unity and foster a vibrant community life. A space has been created for conversation and learning where residents can work together in contributing to the betterment of community. The vision for Cultivating Capacities, Inc. is not just about 'offering' activities, but rather to train and accompany individuals in order to sustain activities in their own neighborhood.

In addition, Cultivating Capacities, Inc. serves as a hub for those who would like to serve others. Members of our community can offer talents, skills and knowledge to share with others and at the same time specific needs can be shared through Cultivating Capacities, Inc.  Our organization  not only builds individual and collective capacitities that foster caring communities it also serves as a bridge for connecting community members together.

For more information on Cultivating Capacities, Inc. please email us at or you can fillout the link "BUILDING COMMUNITY TOGETHER!". We are always looking for additional community members to share talents, skills and capacitities that can contribute to the betterment of our communities. 

On behalf of your neighbors, we extend our friendship and invite you to participate in building a community where children, junior youth, youth and adults can develop their great potential through learning and service to others.


Recent Stories

Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Group Campout 2015

Mark & Gretchen Reavis Berthoud, Colorado

In the spirit of fostering friendship & skills for service; junior youth ( kids 9-14 years) are invited to join us for our annual summer campout. "Roses & Rockets" 2015 will be held in Berthoud, July 16th ~ 19th. Kids are accompanied by trained animators and adults at all times. All are welcome!

Weld Mobile Food Pantry distribution day

10-12pm Faith United Church

Neighbors serving neighbors!

Join us the first Wednesday monthly at Faith United Church of Christ for Weld Food Bank's mobile pantry distribution day that serves all Windsor residents. Members of community are invited and welcome to serve community as well. Volunteers unload items from the truck and assist neighbors to cars with groceries. Please arrive at 9:45am to voluneeter.Thank you in advance for supporting our beautiful community.